Photo: LeBron James Pays Off Cubs World Series Bet

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James made a bet on the outcome of the World Series with Chicago Bulls guard Dwyane Wade, and on Friday he paid the piper after the Chicago Cubs won the championship.

As part of the bet, James had to come to the United Center for the Cavaliers' game against the Bulls wearing a full Cubs uniform, and on Friday afternoon we got a picture of the star player fulfilling his end of the bargain:

Wade had earlier challenged his former Miami Heat teammate, proposing that the loser would have to dress in the winning baseball team's uniform for the next Bulls-Cavaliers game.

The Cubs ended up beating the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, thus making Wade the winner over his former teammate in the friendly wager.

The Bulls emerged winners again on Friday night, beating the Cavaliers 111-105

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