State Pol Sends Schock Waves Through D.C.

There's been a lot said about the sex appeal of the First Couple, and Illinois residents took a certain pride in that. But have you heard the recent raves about Illinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock?

If you're a Peoria resident, you've likely followed the 28-year-old's rapid rise through the maze of Illinois politics, and if you're tuned in to the Huffington Post, you know that he was voted "The Hottest Congressional Freshman" earlier this month.

It gets better. On Thursday, the Web site TMZ said that Schock is "Schockingly Hot," saying he's been dubbed in D.C as "the 'Brody Jenner' of Capitol Hill ... except this guy has a real job."

And his looks are apparently not the only notable thing about Schock.  His resume is pretty impressive, too.

He was first elected to public office at the age of 19, when he became a member of the Peoria Public Schools District 150 school board as a write-in candidate.  Two years later, he became Vice President of the board and a year after that he was elected President.

At 22, he ran for state representative in his district and won.

In 2008, he became a freshman Congressman in Washington, succeeding retiring incumbent Republican Congressman Ray LaHood.  It's too soon to review his record in Congress, but he is a staunch conservative.

Upon taking his Congressional seat, he became the youngest member of Congress, supplanting 33-year-old Patrick T. McHenry of North Carolina.

Those are the facts, folks.

For a more visual perspective, check out the Huffington Post's slideshow of this (did we mention?) good looking Illinois politician

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