Pabst Blue Ribbon Debuts Retro Motel in Michigan

"Pabst: The Place" is the brand's new bookable motel experience

Grand Traverse Motel

What's the new buzz around Pabst Blue Ribbon? Well, the beer company with ties to Chicago is tapping into a new realm of the hospitality industry.

"Pabst: The Place" is the brand's new bookable motel experience in Traverse City, Michigan.

The motel will dig deep into nostalgia with three themed rooms, transporting its guests back to the 1980's with décor and distinctive activities to match in each one.

"The Arcade Room" features working vintage games, along with a king-sized bed that doubles as a pop-a-shot machine.

An apparent fan-favorite, "The Dive Bar Room" is decked out with a jukebox and kitschy furnishing. The room has been completely booked, according to the website.

Grand Traverse Motel

"The Rec Room" lets guests cozy up on a pull-out couch next to a foosball table. Wood paneling, a shag carpet and board games can be found around the room.

Grand Traverse Motel

Those looking to stay at the motel can check availability and prices here. Bookings also can be made over the phone by ringing (231)947-9410.

Pabst Blue Ribbon's roots in Chicago run deep, as the company earned a "blue ribbon" signifying its quality at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition, which was hosted in the city, according to The World's Fair Chicago. The award, however, was actually a medal, rather than a ribbon, the website said.

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