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NWS Says Conditions are ‘Favorable' for Funnel Clouds Wednesday

Officials say the funnel clouds likely won't touch down or cause damage, but warned the public to remain alert

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The National Weather Service has issued a “special weather statement” Wednesday, warning residents that conditions are favorable for the development of funnel clouds across north-central Illinois and northwest Indiana.

According to the alert, several funnel clouds have already been spotted in the area, with more possible as the day wears on.

Officials say that the funnel clouds will typically protrude several hundred feet downward, rotate or spin like a top, and last a few minutes before dissipating.

The funnel clouds rarely touch the ground, and generally don’t pose any sort of hazard, officials say. They can rarely touch down, and could produce very minimal damage.

Officials say that the NWS will continue to monitor the situation, and will issue watches or warnings if conditions change.

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