Chicago Police

String of North Side Businesses—Including Iconic Wiener's Circle—Burglarized

Several businesses on the North Side were burglarized recently, according to authorities and owners of the shops.

Chicago police say burglars targeted all of the Side businesses and many others in the same area.

“He tried to grab something from that space he made from breaking glass,” Greger Patl, whose uncle owns Lucky Mini-Mart, said.

Patl said a security camera captured someone last Friday breaking the front window of his uncle’s Lucky Mini-Mart convenience store on North Lincoln Avenue. Patl said the man did not get away with much.

Employees at El Jardin said someone broke into their restaurant over the weekend in the 3300 block of North Clark Street.

And the same thing happened on New Years Day, at Taqueria Ranchito on North Clark Street.

“He open [the cash register] and he take the money,” Ismel Girrmel, the manager at Taqueria Ranchito, said. “He (did) it all in one minute,” Girrmel said.

About $150 was taken from the register, but Girrmel said the damage to the register and the broken front door cost his boss a lot more money.

The latest burglary happened Sunday morning at the The Wiener's Circle, also on North Clark Street.

A manager said two men broke through a side door, and took about $15 dollars in cash and a few checks.

Back in November, another popular business--Molly’s Cupcakes--was also burglarized by two men. Security cameras captured the duo stealing a very large and very heavy safe.

“I’m sorry your life is that way that you’ve got to hurt people that would never hurt you to begin with," Molly's Cupcakes owner, Wolfy Nicolaides, said. "And it’s a shame that you’ve got to do that."

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