New Illinois Tollway Program Drastically Reduces Fines

Drivers who fail to pay a toll will now initially face a notice with a $3 fee for per unpaid toll, an 85-percent reduction

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John Hancock

The Illinois Tollway launched a program called “Tolling 2020” on Thursday that’s aimed toward helping motorists by significantly reducing fines as well as providing relief during the coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning Thursday, customers with unpaid tolls will be mailed an invoice with a $3 fee per unpaid toll instead of the initial $20 fine.

“We have a remarkable tolling system, but changes were long overdue with regard to unpaid tolls,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director José Alvarez.

For the remainder of 2020 the Tollway is also reducing existing $20 and $50 fines to $3 per toll in an effort to provide relief.

In addition to those measures, any unpaid tolls that took place during the stay-at-home order, or between March 9 and June 25, will not receive any additional fines.

“These changes are long overdue,” said Alvarez. “Pursuing hefty violations is a costly process, and both the Tollway and customers are better served by providing as much opportunity as possible for customers to pay their tolls.”

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