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National Guard Not the Answer to Chicago's Violence, Rauner and Emanuel Agree

After more than 65 people were shot last weekend -- there have been many ideas of what to do differently--and one Democratic state representative says the city needs President Donald Trump more now than ever.

Gov. Bruce Rauner reacts to Chicago's weekend of violence that left 12 dead, more than 50 wounded -- on the South and West sides. Calling in the National Guard--Democratic insiders and other sources insist was considered by the governor. While on a visit Wednesday to Peoria, he said that's false.

“There is no truth to the rumor of the National Guard,” Rauner said. “The National Guard is not for neighborhood policing.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel agrees with that stance.

“The National Guard is not appropriate,” he said.

State Rep. La Shawn Ford, a Democrat from Chicago’s West Side, said the governor and mayor should forge a better relationship with President Donald Trump.

“President Trump talked about bringing more people into the workforce,” Ford told NBC 5. “He talks all the time about the black unemployment rate, but Trump doesn’t really understand the black unemployment rate because there are so many black people that have never been on the rolls because they have never had a job.”

He also reacted to why Chicago police have had so much trouble making arrests in the weekend shootings.

“We cannot point fingers at the community when the community feels that if I snitch, then the police will tell who told and then I’ll be next—you have to look out for yourself,” he said.

Police plan to add more police officers to the areas most impacted by the violence hoping to ensure what happened last weekend is not repeated.

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