Naperville Family Seeks Help Identifying Vandals Targeting Their Homes

The Kanney family says vandals have targeted their homes at least five times

They say they don’t know why they’ve been targeted, but a Naperville family is ready to take action after several vandalism incidents at a pair of homes.

The Kanney family says that vandals have struck the homes and vehicles of Steve and his daughter Bella, and while they aren’t sure who is behind the incidents, they are asking for help in locating the perpetrators.

“Now they’ve come up to the house. Now they’ve crossed the line,” Steve Kanney says. “They’ve taken that step of no return.”

According to the Kanney’s, at least five incidents of vandalism have taken place so far this year. Early on the vandals were breaking car windows, but now they’ve begun to target the family’s homes, smashing windows, television sets, and other outdoor implements.

“It’s getting ridiculous,” Steve Kanney says. “There’s some things that just stink, and it’s just very inappropriate. This isn’t random.”

Bella Kanney says that she can’t figure out why anyone would target their family, and admits that she feels a great deal of anxiety about the incidents.

“It’s just confusion and anxiety. What did we do? I can’t think of one thing,” she says.

Bella says that she doesn’t believe there is security footage, but she is calling upon neighbors to offer their eyewitness accounts or surveillance footage to track down the perpetrators.

In the meantime, her father has a message for the culprits.

“When you’re targeted, and it’s time number five, enough’s enough,” he says.

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