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Mother Takes Call for Justice Directly to Mayor Lightfoot During City Council Meeting

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A Chicago mother had to say goodbye to her son earlier this year when he was killed in a Little Village shooting, and today she took her appeal for justice directly to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Catalina Andrade, whose son Miguel Rios was killed on July 18, is begging City Hall for help, saying Chicago police aren’t doing enough to find the person who killed her child.

“Seeing my son in a casket was the hardest thing,” she said. “You know, I never thought I was going to go through this pain.”

Rios was traveling to visit his girlfriend on that fateful summer day when he was shot while driving near 24th and Washtenaw. He was later pronounced dead, and police have been unable to find any leads in the case.

“All of these cameras and all of this stuff, and nobody saw nothing and nobody knows nothing,” she said. “I’m asking the mayor and the City Council to get involved. I want justice for my son.”

Mayor Lightfoot responded to Andrade, promising that she will encourage Chicago police to continue their search for Rios’ killer.

Meanwhile, Andrade says that she has been able to collect $10,000 from family members as a reward for information in the case, but the fliers advertising the reward have continuously been removed by unidentified individuals in the Little Village neighborhood.

“I have a $10,000 reward that we gathered from my family, and they keep taking those fliers down,” she said. “I just don’t think it’s fair for these criminals to have control over our streets.”

After speaking at the City Council meeting, Andrade says Chicago police contacted her and told her they are still investigating Rios’ murder.

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