Mother-Daughter Brothel Busted Again

Eight arrests made in connection with original Craigslist prostitution sting

You've got your pandering and your prostitution. Throw in a little pot and it's a trifecta for police in suburban Hillside.

In the culmination of a three-month investigation, police have charged eight people, according to a Police Department release, including a mother/daughter team who allegedly kept a brothel, with a variety of charges.

Charges against Kimberly Miniea and her daughter were first filed about three years ago when the 46-year-old was arrested after telling police that she was running an escort service for married men. Those charges were dropped, but the story became national news when her then-16-year-old daughter was arrested in April 2007.

Detectives doing a routine search of the Craigslist's classified boards at that time found an offer to "enjoy a beautiful blonde" for $250 an hour. The notice was peppered with pictures of a smiling woman in lingerie.  They traced the ad to the teen, Kimberly Peterson, and both she and her mother were arrested.

Both women were arrested again and added arrests announced on Wednesday included a 21-year-old, Casey Norder of Hickory Hills, who was charged with prostitution, and a 30-year-old South Elgin man, Kevin Schwartz, who was charged with soliciataion of a prostitute and possession of cannabis.

According to the Hillside police, Norder and Schwartz were released after posting a $100 bond. ABC7 reported that Miniea is being held on $50,000 bond and Petersen is being held on $25,000 bond.

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