Family Says Surveillance Footage Shows Their Cat Nabbed By Strangers

Gogo has been a beloved member of the McGee family for more than six years. But on Tuesday--he went missing--while the family was eating dinner outside their Pilsen home.

"Once we were done out here we went in house and were like where's the cat?" said Nikki McGee. "We couldn't find him."

Surveillance video shows two people playing with Gogo outside the McGee's home at about 6 p.m. They can then be seen walking with the cat down the sidewalk before disappearing out of the frame.

"I immediately started crying," McGee said. "And ran outside looking all over."

The McGee's have hung at least 250 posters around their neighborhood, they say.

They also walk the neighborhood each day calling Gogo's name.

McGee says the entire family misses Gogo, but perhaps no one more so than her 4-year-old daughter.

"Oh every night, every morning: Where's Gogo," she recalls. "I've been telling her that he's on vacation."

McGee doesn't know why someone would take Gogo.

She thinks it's possible whoever took the cat though he was a friendly stray.

"Please please bring him back," she said Friday.

The McGee's say they aren't looking to get the police involved, they're just asking whoever might have the cat to bring him back, no questions asked.

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