McDonalds Loses Trademark Case

Ronald and friends may be crying in their McFlurries after a Malaysian fast food restaurant beat the food giant at its own McGame.

Oakbrook based McDonald's lost an eight-year international trademark war with McCurry, a small south asian fast food chain that makes, you guessed it, curry. 

McDonalds tried to block the use of that uber-identifiable intro "Mc" from the Kuala Lumpurian restaurant's name.

The owners of McCurry, which stands for Malaysian Chicken Curry, claimed their thumbs-up-giving-chicken logo in no way resembled the famous golden arches, according to the Brit tab the Telegraph,

Not that anyone would in the country would confuse the two. There are already 137 McDonald's restaurants in the country.

Oh, and here's the ketchup on the French fries: McDonalds has to pay  McCurry $2,846 for their troubles.

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