‘One Chicago' Campaign Launched to Provide Resources for Immigrants

At the DuSable Museum of African History, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the city’s new “One Chicago” campaign, and he drew from his family’s own history as he called for Chicagoans to be open and welcoming to people from all races and all nations.

The “One Chicago” campaign blossomed from a task force that Emanuel created in 2016. Its stated message is to let immigrants know that they are welcome in the city no matter their race, religion or background, the city announced in a release Sunday.

“Since its founding in 1837, families from around the country and throughout the world have made Chicago their home,” Congressman Luis Gutierrez said. “The One Chicago campaign works to celebrate those different journeys while uniting their voices as one people, one home, and one City.”

Gutierrez was one of several politicians and community leaders that attended the event at the museum, which kicked off the new campaign.

Emanuel shared the story of his grandfather, who came to the United States when he was 13 years old and didn’t speak a word of English.

A visibly emotional Emanuel said that despite his limitations, his grandfather held Chicago in the highest of esteem after coming to American soil.

“He came because this country represented something that Moldova would never stand for,” he said. “This country, the place he calls home, the place that my grandfather said is the greatest city in the greatest country in the world.”

The “One Chicago” campaign will be featured in Public Service announcements, on billboards, and on bus shelters throughout the city, officials announced. There will also be a website with resources for immigrants, and personal stories of immigrants who now call Chicago home. 

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