Marina City Stupid?

Elevator inspection latest miscue

Mike Doyle of Chicago Carless calls it just the latest episode in Marina City Stupid: a plan to inspect all elevators at the same time, leaving some residents 60 floors to walk from top to bottom if they wanted to get out to, you know, go to work. Or vice versa.

At least the management company advised residents -- in a memo (posted on Doyle's site) slipped under their doors -- to rest every 10 floors, noting that "Your hamstring muscles are not normally used to long downhill climbs."

"I know what you may be thinking," Doyle writes. "'That can’t be right! They can’t cut all elevator service to a 550-foot tall apartment building and tell people to take the stairs!' And if you’re thinking that, you’ve obviously never lived at Marina City."

After fielding complaints from residents, the management company, Draper and Kramer, ended up calling off the inspections - which Doyle says are three years late anyway.

"I really got a kick out of an official apology for not cutting off our elevator service," Doyle wrties. "Seems to me, what 900 apartments of people are really owed is an apology for floating such a bone-headed idea in the first place."

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