‘He Said He Hated White People': Man Stabbed in Alleged West Loop Hate Crime Held Down Attacker

A man who was stabbed in what police are calling a hate crime attack in Chicago’s West Loop over the weekend managed to hold down his attacker until authorities arrived.

Todd Light, 49, was stabbed Sunday night along the Washington Street Bridge as he was leaving his job as a security guard at a high-rise building in the area.

Light said he had stopped to look at the river when someone walked up and stabbed him twice.

“A guy walked behind me going one direction and before I knew it, he was right behind me, he reached right around me with a knife and when I turned, he stabbed me,” Light said. “He said he hated white people, give me your wallet and stabbed me again.”

Light said he fought for his life and managed to hold down his attacker while flagging down a passerby who called police.

Chicago Police

Police on Tuesday charged Leroy Willis, 45, of Chicago, with one felony count of aggravated battery, one felony count of hate crime, and aggravated attempted robbery.

Light was transported to Northwestern Hospital where he was treated and has since been released.

“If the guys had had anything besides that cheap steak knife or he had known how to use it, I would be in serious trouble. But yeah, so I feel very lucky.”

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