Dog Rescued From Icy Pond

Pooch pulled from water captured on camera

LISLE, Ill. -- When Adriano Velloso looked out from the balcony of his third-floor condo in Lisle, he saw something in the water that didn't seem right.

First thinking it was large duck or goose, he later realized it was Harvey, a dog he'd often seen wandering around the condo association without a leash.  Harvey was stuck in the pond, clinging to the edge of a thin sheet of ice on a day where the air temperature was in the 20s.

After a couple of minutes of watching Harvey's unsuccessful attempts to pull himself to shore, Velloso said he got rope and his camera and went down to the water's edge.

"At one point, I thought (he) was going down," Velloso recalled, adding that Harvey was in the water for more than 10 minutes. 

With firefighters called, onlookers encouraged Harvey, who can be heard whimpering from the cold water, to "hang on."

Velloso's camera captured the moment when a firefighter waded into the pond, breaking ice with every step to a dog who seemed to realize he was being rescued.

Pulled back on shore to applause, Harvey shook off the cold.

Velloso said he didn't know Harvey's condition on Monday night.

"I would have assumed they took him to the vet," Velloso said. "I hope so. That's what I would have done if it were my dog."

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