Grant Park

Police and Protesters Clash at Grant Park, Christopher Columbus Statue Vandalized

Four officers were injured during a clash with protesters, fire officials said

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The Christopher Columbus statue at Chicago's Grant Park was vandalized Friday night as tense clashes erupted between marchers and police following a Black Lives Matter protest.

As shown in footage captured by Sky 5, several individuals clashed with police officers near the statue, resulting in what appeared to be pepper spray being deployed.

According to a video posted on Twitter, protesters surrounding the statue were shouting "Columbus was a murderer" at one point.

One marcher, Melissa DuPrey, said the statue of Columbus is representative of the "oppression that affects Black and indigenous people in Chicago and across the nation."

The statue of Christopher Columbus at Chicago's Grant Park was vandalized following a Friday night Black Lives Matter protest.

A Chicago Fire Department spokesman confirmed at least four Chicago police officers were taken to the hospital for injuries after bricks and other items were reportedly thrown at them.

"Those were protective measures, so police don't enforce violence on us, because that's what police do... instill violence," DuPrey added.

Following the clashes at Grant Park, hundreds marched on Columbus Drive toward Buckingham Fountain, where the protest began at around 5 p.m.

The evening rally, which called to defund the Chicago Police Department, was organized by Black Lives Matter Chicago, Chi-Nations Youth Council, Black Youth Project 100 and other groups.

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