Ladies, Interested in Some Bling?

Brown eyes, 5 foot 7, 160 lbs, bald head -- are these qualities you may be looking for in a guy? 

Well, watch out ladies! This man is armed with a $7,000 Cartier ring, and he may need to head down the altar very quickly. 

The ring and the guy could be yours, as long as you don't mind sporting a stolen five-band Cartier Panthere diamond ring in white gold.

Yes, we said stolen

The ring bandit was armed when he approached a store employee at a Magnificent Mile business earlier this month, where he spotted and stole the pricey ring.  

But ladies, if this catch interests you, you're going to have to get to him before the boys in blue. 

The police are asking anyone with information about the ring or the bandit to give them, well, a ring.

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