Kitty Clubber Sentence to a Year of Probation

Kitty cruelty will not be tolerated.

A McHenry County judge sentence one cat abuser to a year of probation, fined him $500 and ordered him to pay $1,127 in restitution to the owner of Boogy, the cat he beat nearly to death with a golf club.

Donald Conrad, 30, was convicted of wolloping his roommate's 7-month-old cat with a short iron. The attack left the poor kitty with a broken jaw and a missing eye.

In what has to be the most misguided defense strategies in a long time, Conrad's attorney says his client did not beat the cat, but merely threw it out of the house.

Boogy's owner, Dana Borzick, says it cost her $1,700 in veterinarian bills to save her pet kitty.

Borzick says the attack occurred while she and her fiance were sharing a residence with Conrad.

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