King Sues Medieval Times

Actor thrown from horse sues Medieval Times

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A king's court isn't supposed to include a judge and lawyers, but one suburban actor, hired to play a ruler, is suing his kingdom.

Frank Kaszyck, who was hired to play King Philippe at the Medieval Times in Schaumburg, filed a lawsuit Wednesday after he says he was thrown from his horse.

Kaszycki's job as king included a riding and speaking role in the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Show. He accepted the job despite a lack of horse riding experience.

His lawsuit claims he suffered personal injury on January 28 when a fellow cast member was assisting him without the trainer present. The horse reared upward, tossing the king.

Kaszyck's attorneys cited negligence in failing to control the horse, and Kaszycki is seeking in excess of $50,000 for his alleged injuries.

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