Jaslyn Adams

‘Just Tell Someone': Family Calls for Justice at Vigil for Jaslyn Adams

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It’s been several days since 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams was fatally shot and her family is pleading for people to break the code of silence and tell police what they know about the killing.

The girl was sitting in a car with her father at a McDonald’s drive-thru Sunday when she was shot and killed. Her father suffered a serious gunshot wound, but he was at a vigil held in his daughter’s honor Wednesday, as he called for the girl’s killers to be brought to justice.  

“I see more articles about me being a bad parent than about the people, the guys, who killed my baby,” Jontae Adams said. “This is not my friends I am losing. This is my daughter. All these cameras out here, I want to use them to get justice for my baby.”

Jontae Adams recounted the final moments of his daughter’s life during the emotional vigil.

“Daddy, her last words was ‘daddy,’” he said. “I just want my daughter’s killers locked up.”

Lawanda McMullen, Jaslyn’s grandmother, says the person who pulled the trigger that day did so knowing that her granddaughter was in the car.

“It was a cowardly act. I know they saw her in the car,” she said.

She echoed the sentiments of many in the crowd at the vigil, saying that all it takes is one person to come forward to tell police what they know, and to help get justice for the little girl who is being remembered for her love of TikTok videos, the color pink, and eating at McDonald’s with her family.

“When kids are involved, someone needs to step up and talk,” she said. “It’s time to stop the ‘no snitching’ code. Just tell someone.”

Police are still searching for a silver Audi that they believe was involved in the shooting.

In the meantime, another event will take place honoring Adams’ memory, as a “call-to-action” walk will call for unity, justice and peace.

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