Jury Dodger Ordered to March with Sign

The juror showed up but bailed after lunch

Ditching jury duty isn't like skipping class in high school, and it'll cost one man a punishment worse than detention. 

Indiana Judge Thomas Stefaniak Jr. ordered a jury dodger Monday to march in front of the 
Lake County courthouse carrying a sign with the message, "I failed to appear for jury duty." The man must carry the sign for the next two Mondays, the Times of Northwest Indiana reports.

The juror did arrive for jury duty in early December in a deadly drunken driving case but bailed after lunch. He was the second juror to upset Judge Stefaniak to such a degree, court officials said.
The jury in the DUI case found the defendant, Jeffery Cleary, guilty on two misdemeanors in the 2010 death of a road service worker.
Prosecutors plan to retry Cleary.
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