Walsh Endorsed by Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Rep. Joe Walsh on Wednesday picked up a big endorsement from the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

"He knows what it takes to create jobs like the jobs we have here at Acme," said Todd Maisch, the organization's Vice President of Governmental Affairs, at a press event at the manufacturer's Elk Grove Village headquarters.

The company's CEO last month welcomed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Walsh has made job growth and economic recovery his main priority and maintains that the federal government is hampering that growth by imposing too many regulations.

"Washington doesn't create jobs. There's a different mindset in the White House. Too many people on the other side of the aisle believe, genuinely, that Washington creates jobs. I don't. It's not why I went to Congress. I went to Congress to get Washington off the backs of our job creators," Walsh said Wednesday.

The incumbent faces Democrat Tammy Duckworth in Illinois' newly-redrawn and Democratically-friendly 8th Congressional District.


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