Indiana State Trooper Saves Woman Who Was Choking on Taco

The woman was stopped at an intersection

A quick-thinking Indiana State trooper saved a woman’s life after he discovered that she was choking while sitting at a stop light in Merrillville.

According to police, Sergeant Dan Avitia was in his squad car near the intersection of Broadway and US 30 when he noticed an SUV sitting at the stop light after it had turned green.

After motorists began honking, the officer realized that the woman had her hands at her neck, and turned his flashing lights on to investigate.

When he got to her vehicle, he realized that the woman was choking, and after he struck her back several times, she expelled the food item she was choking on.

Police say the woman had been eating tacos while she was driving and began to choke while sitting at the intersection.

The woman was checked out by paramedics, but was able to leave the scene on her own.

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