Illinois Ranks No. 2 for Dog Bite Claims

A report released Tuesday by State Farm ranks Illinois second in dog bite claims

Dogs are taking a bite out of insurance claims in Illinois.

A report released Tuesday for State Farm Insurance shows the Land of Lincoln ranked second of 10 top states for dog-bite claims and the amounts paid out for each chomp.  

Illinois came in just behind California in claims and payouts. In 2010, State Farm had 317 dog-bite claims and paid out $9.7 million in Illinois. It had 369 claims and paid out $11.3 million in California.

Children under 12 years old make up 60 percent of dog-bite claims across the nation, State Farm said in the report. Of the 33 fatal dog bites that happened in 2010, 20 were young children.

State Farm's report said a dog's tendency to bite depends on several factors, including obedience training, socialization and victims behavior.

The company does not issue or refuse insurance based on the breed of dog except in the state of Ohio, ranked third in the report. Ohio's laws have determined the pit bull is a "vicious dog," and State Farm does not provide coverage for that breed of dog.

Other states ranked in the list include Texas in fourth place, Florida in seventh and Indiana in tenth place.

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