Kwame Raoul

Illinois Attorney General ‘In Good Spirits' After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s diagnosis is a reminder the coronavirus pandemic isn’t over.

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NBC 5 Chicago

After testing positive for coronavirus earlier this week, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul said he is slowly recovering in quarantine at home.

“Last night, I probably had one of the best nights of sleep in about a year,” Raoul said.

His family is waiting for their results after the 55-year-old tested positive for the coronavirus Tuesday morning.

Raoul said his symptoms appeared on Saturday: a severe sore throat, fever, chills and night sweats. He hasn’t had any breathing problems, he said.

As a prostate cancer survivor, Raoul is considered to be high-risk, though he said he is more worried about his battle with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The Illinois attorney general’s diagnosis is a reminder the pandemic isn’t over.

Dr. Sharon Welbel, Cook County Health’s director of infection control, said she is expecting an increase in cases as Illinois reopens.

Earlier this month, the state moved into phase three of reopening, allowing bars and restaurants to open patio space. Chicago’s lakefront trails are open to pedestrians and cyclists as well.

“I’ve seen very crowded outdoor patios, people walking in large groups, not wearing masks,” Welbel said.

To curb the spike, Welbel reminds people to wash their masks daily, especially if their noticeably dirty.

You should wear a mask, even during outdoor physical activity, if possible.

Of course, social distancing is always recommended.

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