O'Hare Airport

‘I Knew I Was Paralyzed': Former Dancer Tells Jury of Day O'Hare Bus Shelter Collapsed on Her

With her attorneys at her side, Tierney Darden for the first time Wednesday told jurors what it was like when a 760 pound bus shelter came loose from its mounting at O'Hare airport and fell on her.

"My face hit the ground and then there was a crack and everything went white. At that point, I knew I was paralyzed," the now 26-year-old said fighting back tears.

It was two years ago Darden's life changed forever after her spine was severed by the shelter. It had come loose during a heavy storm.

"My mom kept telling me to get up, and I couldn't," she said.

The city is offering Darden and her family a $22 million settlement. Her lawyers are looking for $150 million.

Much of their case hinges on the life Darden lost.

Earlier her sister Melissa testified that Tierney is constantly questioning what kind of future she will have because she is lost.

Tierney told the jury, "I feel pathetic and that's a challenge for me. I also feel like a burden on my family."

When her attorney asked her what she wanted to do with her life, Darden simply said "Dance, it was my heart and soul."

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