I-294 is Re-Paved, and It Tweets, Too

The Tollway Authority Announces a Big Finish to a Project, and a Social Media Service


Getting off of the Tri-State Tollway soon will be a much smoother affair. 

The Illinois Tollway Authority announced the completion of the $112 million resurfacing project that had drivers slowing for lane blockage from 95th to the South, and Balmoral to the North. 

The re-paved lanes should be welcome for not only holiday drivers, but for work-week commuters, who have suffered through months of delays.

Tollway officials say the project was on budget, and right on schedule.

Perhaps the Tri-State itself can "Tweet" this good news.

Also coinciding with the first big holiday travel weekend of the year is a new program called "Tollway Trip Tweets."

Each of the four Illinois Tollways will tweet out real-time information on incidents using the social networking site.

The Twitter handles are:  Tollway Trip 90, Tollway Trip 94/294, Tollway Trip 88 and Tollway Trip 355.

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