“Somebody Killed My Mother:” Hudson 911 Tape

"Somebody killed my mother," Julia Hudson can be heard screaming into the phone in 2008

On a 911 tape newly released to the media, Jennifer Hudson's sister can be heard screaming and crying the day she found her family killed back in 2008.

"Somebody killed my mother," Julia Hudson can be heard screaming into the phone. "Somebody killed my mother, please help me."

Judge Charles P. Burns on Monday agreed to release the tape played during the trial of William Balfour.

On the tape, the operator struggles to hear Julia Hudson as she frantically calms herself to give him the address to her family's Englewood home.

"Can you please send an ambulance, please!" she's heard crying.

Julia Hudson said her mother was on the floor with blood coming from her head. The sister of the Oscar winning actress told the operator she got home from work when she found her mother, then ran out of the house to call police.

"There's a bullet hole in our front door," she said.

"All I could do is run," she said. "I don't know where Julian is or nothing. I'm here by myself."

Darnell Donnerson and Hudson's 29-year-old brother, Jason Hudson were both found dead in the home. Julia Hudson's 7-year-old son, Julian King, was found dead three days later.

Balfour is on trial for the murders.

"Please, help my momma," Julia Hudson said on the tape.

"I think those are going to be -- realistically, that happened right at the time -- that's going to have tremendous emotional impact," law professor Richard Kling said Monday.

Monday's proceedings included testimony from police recalling how they found a gun and, later, King's body.

Before the trial on Friday, testimony was briefly delayed so the judge could address an emergency motion regarding members of the media requesting access to the 911 tapes played during the trial.

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