Home-Professionals-Hiring App Redbeacon Expands into Chicago

The way things are going with technology, we may never need to speak to one another to accomplish things in our day-to-day lives.

Now that includes home improvement. 

Home-services website Redbeacon.com is offering a much cheaper alternative when it comes to booking appointments with plumbers, roofers, maids, landscapers or other similar professionals for work around the house.

The service launched in Chicago on Wednesday, and a release from the company boasts you can book an appointment from your phone in less than 30 seconds.

Lest you think this is Angie's List gone mobile, think again. This California company appears to have innovated.

One of the cooler features from Redbeacon, is its use of multimedia. The site -- and mobile app -- encourage users to capture video of the project they need completed. The folks at Redbeacon will watch that video and send it to contractors who could help.

Redbeacon also will give users competitive quotes only from folks who have been vetted, so theoretically they won't be able to go wrong using its new free service. And they do the vetting.

Just in case this exceedingly straightforward explanation of this service eluded you somehow, behold its official trailer explaining it with cartoon characters:

Anyway, go check it out over at redbeacon.com, and try it out via iTunes' app store.

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