Hit-and-Run Victim Pleads For Driver to Surrender

A 75-year-old Northwest Side man is making a miraculous comeback after he was run over and dragged by a hit-and-run driver in May, but he says one thing is missing -- an arrest in the case.

Salvatore Cavallaro was walking near the Brickyard Mall at West Diversey and North Narragansett avenues when he was hit.

Cavallaro, a diabetic who had quintuple bypass surgery five years ago, suffered a fractured vertebrae, a concussion, bleeding on the brain, a swollen ear and possible broken left hand as a result of the crash.

He was released from the hospital a month ago and has made great strides in his recovery since, such as getting up from a chair without help and taking walks with his wife.

"I knew I was coming home," Cavallaro says. "No matter what, I was gonna go home. Even if I was crippled, I was gonna walk and gonna go home."

Despite his ordeal, Cavallaro says he holds no ill will toward the driver and actually feels sorry for him. What he does want, is for the person to come forward.

"I'm not looking for money. I'm looking for a little justice," Cavallaro says.

Authorities said the only description they have of the car is that it was a dark-colored sedan.

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