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Here's Where Illinois' Healthcare Regions Stand in Key Coronavirus Metrics

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There are currently four healthcare regions in the state of Illinois that are contending with additional coronavirus mitigation restrictions as a result of elevated positivity rates, but several other regions could potentially see those rules put in place as well.

Those regions include Chicago itself, along with Region 9, which includes McHenry and Lake counties.

Here are the latest numbers from the four Illinois regions currently under coronavirus restrictions:

Region 1:

Second tier restrictions are now in place in the region, but the positivity rate continued its advances on Saturday, now standing at 12.2%.  

Region 5:

Restrictions went into place Thursday. The positivity rate there declined from 9.1% on 10/18 to 8.7% on 10/19 and 10/20, then declined again to 8.3% on 10/21.

Region 7:

Restrictions in place Friday. The positivity rate in the region bumped up to 9.3% on 10/21. Hospitalization availability is at 25%, and ICU bed availability at 26%. Have to keep an eye on those numbers.

Region 8:

Restrictions in place Friday. Positivity rate stays at 9.4% for 10/19 and 10/20, then dipped to 9.3% on 10/21. Hospital availability at 24%.

Here are a group of Illinois regions that could soon see new restrictions put in place:

Region 2:

This region’s positivity rate stands at 7% as of 10/21. The number has steadied in recent days after an increase in cases.

Region 3:

After a rapid increase in cases, the positivity rate has steadied at 7.3% as of 10/21. The region’s ICU availability has decreased as well, sitting at 24% according to the IDPH.

Region 4:

New restrictions could very much be on the way in this region, as the positivity rate has exceeded 8% on two consecutive days. One more day above 8% would trigger new mitigation restrictions, including the closure of indoor dining and bar service.

Region 9:

This region, located in McHenry and Lake counties, has seen its positivity rate increase to 7.8%. The number has leveled off slightly in recent days, but any further increases put the region in jeopardy of additional restrictions.

Region 10:  

The positivity rate in this region, located in areas of Cook County outside of Chicago, has ticked upward from 7.3% on 10/20 and to 7.5% on 10/21, continuing a slow upward trend. Hospitalizations are going up, and the region only has 24% availability on hospital beds in the event of a surge, along with a 29% ICU availability.

Region 11:

Chicago was right at 7% but jumped up to a 7.3% positivity rate in recent days. The big concern in Chicago now comes with hospitalization availability standing at 21%. Any number of 20% or below for three straight days would trigger additional mitigations at the state level.

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