Happy Friday

Critical Mass rides again tonight

Have you ever been heading home from work the last Friday of the month, minding your own business as you attempt to cross one of the city's lovely six-way intersections, only to be held up by a simply endless stream of … bike traffic? 

It's Happy Friday, a.k.a. the last Friday of the month when the Critical Mass riders are out to prove that they have the right to happily assemble on bikes.    

Check out their Web site and learn that you can drive a car every other day of the month and still ride, or consider yourself totally anti-auto, and ride along, too. 

It's free to participate, and the group meets up at Daley Plaza at 5:30 p.m. 

Feel free to hop into the traffic on your bike if you spot them around the city.  Just be aware that not all pedestrians and car drivers will be completely thrilled by the unexpected bike brigade. 

Just shout ''Happy Friday!'' and maybe that will make it all better.

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