Groupon Watch: Marketing Pays Off, LiveNation Scores

Groupon may have been challenged to defend its marketing efforts and explain accounting methods, but something is clearly working here: subscribers to Groupon are now at 115 million. Also, it’s not a bad idea to partner with the company – LiveNation sold 422,000 offers after the hookup (the slight improvement in the economy may have had just a little bit of an influence too). Read on:  

  • Groupon’s marketing efforts are not a loss – subscribers are up to 115 million. (Wall Street Journal)  
  • Long live GrouponLive: LiveNation’s profits after Groupon partnership. (Wall Street Journal
  • Only days after trying to sell subs on Groupon, the NYT tries LivingSocial. (Ad Age
  • Groupon founders fund oBaz, a daily-deal founding site. (Chicago Tribune)
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