Groupon to Ditch Controversial Accounting Methods

No one can agree whether the Groupon bubble is about to burst or if it's a bubble at all, whether the model is succeeding or failing. But one thing everyone can agree on is the group-buying site's IPO has raised plenty of eyebrows, in part because its S-1 filing utilized an unusual accounting measurement called ASCOI, or adjusted consolidated segment operating income.

Well, according to tech-news site, Groupon will file an amended IPO on Monday that will ditch the figures yielded from ASCOI.

The filing as it stands currently reads, "We use...Adjusted CSOI. This metric is our consolidated segment operating income before our new subscriber acquisition costs and certain non-cash charges; we think of it as our operating profitability before marketing costs incurred for long-term growth."

If the changes come through on Monday, it shows that Groupon has clearly changed its thinking. But will it be enough?

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