Groupon News Today: Auto Deal Fell Flat

Over the weekend we learned that Groupon’s auto deals didn’t make the intended splash – there were only four takers for the $500 discount on a new car at a Detroit dealership. Media outlets continue to painstakingly break down the company’s amended S-1 filing, with the Wall Street Journal pointing out that some investors put in far less than they’ll reap when the company goes public. Read on: 

  • Groupon’s first foray into big-ticket items didn’t do so well, for a few reasons. (Crains
  • …not that it’s bothering co-founder Eric Lefkofsky. (Wall Street Journal). 
  • Meanwhile competitors are expanding and testing new routes to compete: BuyWithMe acquired loyalty card provider Edhance, Inc., originally marketed to college students. (BusinessWire). 
  • ...and Gilt City, which offers deals on luxury goods and services, added four cities, including Dallas and D.C. (Wall Street Journal).

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