Green Bay Packers

Packers Asking for Fans' Help in Clearing Snow at Lambeau Field

Shoveling snow is hardly a glamorous job, but for diehard Green Bay Packers fans, that chore just got a lot more interesting.

With around six to eight inches of fresh snow falling on the city this week, the Packers are issuing a call for intrepid fans to help them clean up the mess ahead of the team’s game against the Minnesota Vikings next week.

Fans are being asked to come to Lambeau Field on Monday morning to help clear out snow from the 80,000-plus seat stadium. Up to 600 snow shovelers are needed, according to the team, and they will each be paid $10 per hour after the stadium is cleared.

Fans interested in helping must be 18 years old, and shovels will be provided.

Packers fans may be getting paid to help clear snow from the stadium, but other teams have provided even more interesting incentives. Fans of the Buffalo Bills recently were asked to come help shovel snow in the stadium, and those that helped were given game tickets to a contest at New Era Field. 

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