“Graterheads” Aim to Take Slice Out of Packers' Cheeseheads

Over 500 pieces of foam headwear have already been sold in Chicago

If you watched the Chicago Bears’ victory over the Green Bay Packers back on Nov. 4, you may have noticed some fans in the Lambeau Field grandstand weaing ironic, rivalry ensuring headwear.

In response to the Packer-fan tradition of wearing foam Cheeseheads to games, these fans donned “Graterheads,” or foam cheese graters. The trend has apparently caught on, and a website dedicated to selling the product has already seen a huge amount of success.

Here is what Chicago Tribune reporter Lauren Zumbach had to say about it:

“Early test runs in Boise Packers bars convinced him he was onto something. After working with a Midwest manufacturer to create a foam, fingernail-free version, (Jeran) Dahlquist and business partners Seth Neal and Dean Donlon introduced the Graterhead at the first Bears-Packers game of the regular season. Their marketing plan was simple – splurge on 11th row, 50-yard-line seats, cheer like crazy and hope the TV cameras noticed – and it worked, Dahlquist said.

“They sold 500 Graterheads that day, despite a website that struggled to keep up with the flood of traffic.”

Under the tag line “HATERS GONNA GRATE," the website describes their product this way:

“For too long, the Packers and their fans have raided our stadiums, drunk our beer, eaten our food, and beaten our teams – all while wearing ridiculous wedges of cheese on their heads.

“We say NO MORE.”

“Graterheads,” available for $40 on the website, likely will be prominently dispersed in the stands on Sunday as the Bears try to beat the Packers at Soldier Field to win the NFC North championship.

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