Flower Thieves Caught on Security Camera at Chicago Home

Home security cameras can catch a lot of crazy things, but some Chicago residents were surprised to find that thieves caught on their surveillance footage were after their flowers. 

The theft happened at a home near E 115th St and S Ewing Ave in the city's East Side neighborhood, residents say. Footage shows someone pulling up to the house in what appears to be a mini-van, then exiting the vehicle. The person walks up to the house, looks around, and quickly steals two hanging plants before jumping back into the van and taking off. 

Residents are puzzled as to why thieves would target them in that way. The resident of the home, Leonor Rios, told NBC 5 in Spanish that she felt concerned and mad when she saw the video, captured in two separate angles of her porch. 

Rios said a friend posted the video to a Facebook page for East Chicago, prompting several comments about other, similar thefts in the area. 

“Somebody keeps coming and stealing all of our plants." said neighbor Mary Sigg. "We work hard to buy these things and somebody keeps taking them all and we don’t know why.”

Rios did not file a police report, but is hoping neighbors will help identify the person who committed the crime. 

"I am glad they did capture it on camera," said neighbor Leslie Martinez. "and hopefully this person does get caught."

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