Fixing the State Budget — Your Way

Wonkish offers a tool for the public's cures

At times (often) it appears that Illinois state legislators are not capable of managing the Land of Lincoln.

Now in the throws of a budget crisis that threatens to shut down not only the government, but service programs across the state -- with a disproportionate burden to be placed on programs affecting women and children -- there's added concern that these folks just don't get it.

Fret not.  You, too, have a chance to right the wrongs and fix the fix-ables. A Chicago-based Web site,, is inviting the public to step up with the solutions to the state's woes.

The "Make Your Own Budget" tool on the Wonkish site gives you a chance to decide how to eliminate the $12.4 billion deficit spending from Illinois' budget. 

Sure, it may take a while. These things don't happen overnight, and like gaining weight, it takes longer to get rid of a budget problem than it does to create one. 

The Illinois budget problem has been in the making for years, through multiple administrations, but Gov. Pat Quinn is determined to make a dent while he's still in power.  Maybe you can help?

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