Fans Insult Wrong Chris Conte After Bears’ Loss to Packers

@ChrisConte handle actually belongs to a reporter in Nashville, not the Bears' safety

In the age of social media, fans are able to connect with their favorite athletes quicker and easier than ever before. In an instant and with just a few keystrokes, a person can tweet at an athlete and weigh in on any topic their heart desires.

Unfortunately, there are times when that power is abused, and we saw such an incident on Sunday. When Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte peeled off his coverage of Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb and allowed him to waltz into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown, the internet exploded in a fit of rage.

Some of it was directed at the Twitter account @ChrisConte, but there’s one problem:

The account doesn't belong to the Chris Conte that plays for the Bears. Rather, the owner is Nashville-area reporter Chris Conte who was the recipient of the vitriol, and it took a while for folks to get the memo that they were flaming the wrong person.

Ironically, Chicago Conte deleted his Twitter account earlier this season after fans razzed him ferociously on the website. 

It started out so nicely after Chicago Conte made an interception of Aaron Rodgers in the end zone in the first quarter:

It didn’t last. Here is a sampling of the anger that Nashville Conte received:

After some of the anger had subsided, fans began to realize that Nashville Conte wasn’t the safety that they were looking for:

Alas, some people still didn’t get the memo:

To his credit though, Nashville Conte kept a level head throughout all of it, and had a simple request for the good people at Twitter: 

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