Family of 91-year-old woman aiming to get an electronic lift installed in her West Pullman home

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The family of a 91-year-old woman is aiming to get an electronic lift installed inside her West Pullman home, and are left frustrated by the delays in the process.

Getting outside is almost impossible for 91-year-old Catherine Mayden since her electronic lift stopped working last December.

In January, she started the process to get a new lift installed through a grant program funded by the Illinois Housing Development Authority and administered by Ramp Up.

“When I called them, they made me feel like they were going to do it right away,” she said.

In June, Mayden's son, who operates her paperwork, said he got an email from Ramp Up that said all their documents were in and that the state just needed to sign off.

Months later, they’re still waiting on that approval and for the lift to be installed.

“I just feel like they are taking their time,” Mayden told NBC Chicago.

“I’m very frustrated with the process and seeing what my mom has to go through and what we have to go through to get her in and out of the house,” Mayden's son Michael said.

He added that in the meantime, he has sent numerous e-mails and made several calls, looking to get answers.

NBC Chicago reached out to both the IHDA and Ramp Up in an effort to get answers on the delay for Mayden's lift.

The agency that runs Ramp Up offered the following statement:

"There was no delay on our part in submitting Ms. Mayden’s application to IHDA for final review, however this application did take longer since this is not a owner-occupied dwelling, which requires additional steps to be completed before it can be processed.  At this point we are still waiting on IHDA's final, written approval of this project before we are able to move forward.  On our part this has been an average wait time from start to finish with the application process for Ramp Up to submit to IHDA for their review.  We cannot proceed forward without written approval from IHDA."

A statement from IHDA to NBC Chicago reads as follows:

"IHDA is working hard to review and approve all eligible HRAP applications to ensure these vital health and safety repairs can be done as quickly as able. Should this application be approved, it will take several more weeks for obtaining proper permits, availability/ordering of materials, and construction. The grantees IHDA has partnered with all have experience in this program and we are fully confident they will work to get these repairs done expeditiously."

Mayden said that there should be an online portal to assist with the process, while saying he hopes the lift will get approved and installed before the start of winter.

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