‘Absolute Terror': Family Continues Search For Man, 28, Reported Missing From Zion

Cory Rhineheart was last seen by his family Friday at 9 a.m., according to a Facebook post from Zion police

An agonized mom pleaded Thursday night at a vigil for her son to come home.

​"I figured he might see the thousand messages I put there for him," Andrea Holmes said of her missing son. "Mommy misses you. Mommy needs you. Please come home."

At a beachfront vigil in Zion Thursday night, family, friends and even strangers gathered for 28-year-old Corey Reinhardt.

"I went everywhere today, everywhere for my baby and I can't find him," Holmes said.

The vigil was held along the water where Holmes says she has dreamed of seeing her son every night since he went missing last Friday morning.

"Terror, absolute terror," she said. "There's no parent who should have to walk a shoreline looking for their kids."

​Thursday afternoon, crime tape was put up at the Gabriel Avenue apartment building where family says Cory's phone was traced to a 911 hang up Friday around 8 p.m.

A search had been planned to start here, but quickly changed to a beach-side vigil.

​Deidra Collins is a family friend.

"Due to some new discoveries he did not want to contaminate any new possible evidence or anything that could potentially hinder work they're doing​," she said.

Reinhardt's family says police found human blood in the apartment and sent it to a crime lab to determine whose it is.

"There was an individual with a lease there who has some connection with Corey," Collins said.

He was dressed in black scrubs that he wears to work when he was last seen, but he never showed up to work Friday.

His family is thanking police, community and the media for tireless efforts to bring home the Army veteran.

"Whether he's hurt injured, he will be found," Reinhardt's father, Melvin Holmes, said. "That's the only way that I can think​."

Reinhardt's mother keeps the same fixed mindset.

"He's coming home," she said. "He's coming home."

Anyone with information about Rhineheart’s location is asked to call Zion police at (847) 872-8000.

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