How to Keep Local News in Your Facebook Newsfeed After Site's Latest Change

Facebook is changing things up in 2018 and that means big changes to your newsfeed. 

Users will soon see a feed that prioritizes content from family, friends and people and fewer posts from brands, pages and media sites.

It's a change aimed at ensuring "the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent," said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

The change will mean less content will show in your feed from news pages like NBC Chicago. 

But if you still want to see breaking local news coverage, national headlines that may impact your life and political and weather headlines that matter to you, there are steps you can take to make sure you get it. 

1. Click on both "like" and "follow" at the top of the NBC Chicago Facebook page.

[[470570903, C]]

2. Under the drop down for "following," select "See First."

[[470570963, C]]

3. Click the pencil icon next to "notifications" and choose what you would like to see from the page.

[[470571103, C]]

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