Emanuel, Biden To Watch Michelle Obama’s Speech Together

Getty Images

Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden are going to hang out tonight.

The Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff was invited to watch with Joe and Jill Biden in a suite at the Democratic National Convention while Michelle Obama delivers her kick-off speech.

"The Vice President's office called last night and asked Mayor, Amy and the kids to join the Vice President and Dr. Biden in their suite this evening to watch the First Lady's speech," read an email from the Mayor's office. 

Maybe it's a reward for the nice things Emanuel said in Biden's defense recently.

Last month, Emanuel shrugged off suggestions that Joe Biden should be replaced as VP on the Obama ticket.

"Vice President Joe Biden serves the president well, has and will continue to. That's not my choice. That's the president's choice. But I believe Joe Biden has been a good vice president," Emanuel said in response to a question about whether Biden should be replaced in light of a comment he made about "shackles."

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