Driverless Car Bill Stalls in Springfield

Self-driving cars have stalled in Illinois after lawmakers did not take action on a bill that would have legalized autonomous vehicles.

Supporters of House Bill 2747 want to provide a regulatory framework for hands-free driving and allow for Illinois to become an industry leader in autonomous cars. But there are still concerns regarding liability for the vehicles, according to the bill’s author.

“I am hopeful that we will continue working in good faith as we go into continuous session and can soon reach a resolution to embrace this opportunity for innovation on our roads and for our economy,” said Rep. Mike Zalewski, (D) Riverside.

State law currently allows vehicles with semi-autonomous features to operate on its roadways.

If passed, HB 2747 would grant autonomous vehicle regulating authority to the Illinois Secretary of State. Also, the state’s existing traffic laws would cover self-driving cars.

Supporters have said autonomous vehicles will dramatically reduce accidents and improve traffic flow. The vehicles use high tech radar, sensors and cameras for mapping and object detection.

But many questions still remain, including how self-driving vehicles will be insured and who will be held responsible to keep them safe.

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