Despite Cup Win, Blackhawks Aren’t Vegas Favorite to Repeat in 2014

Penguins are favorites at 13/2; Bruins at 9/1 odds

The Chicago Blackhawks may be high-stepping all around the city this morning, but in Las Vegas, they aren't feeling the love. 

That's because Bovada released their Stanley Cup odds for the 2013-14 season, and the Blackhawks are not the favorite to win their second title in a row. They are instead the runner-up in that category, with 15/2 odds of becoming the first team to repeat as champions since the 1997-98 Detroit Red Wings. 

The favorite, in case you're curious, is the Pittsburgh Penguins, with 13/2 odds. They were felled in the Eastern Conference Finals this season by the Boston Bruins, who go off at 9/1 odds of winning the title that eluded them in 2013. 

We could get into the details of how the Penguins need to improve their defense if they have any shot of winning a championship, while the Blackhawks are only having to worry about re-signing a couple of players, but why get into all that when there's still a fresh title to celebrate and a potential dynasty to examine? 

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