CTA Aims To Reduce Crime With More Cameras

CTA adding more high-definition cameras to 850 of its current rail cars

The Chicago Transit Authority wants to lower crime on city trains by increasing the number of surveillance cameras.

The CTA announced Monday it plans to step up its security system by adding more high-definition cameras to 850 of its current, older-model rail cars. The seven-month project aims to help prevent crime and assist law enforcement in catching criminals, CTA President Forrest Claypool said.

“With more cameras, we will be able to step up our efforts to fight crime on the system,” Claypool said.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said adding surveillance is part of his plan to increase safety and security on the CTA.

“These additional cameras will work directly with the many other upgrades we’ve made to improve the experience of our passengers, so they can get to work and school smoothly and safely,” Emanuel said.

Claypool said the more than 3,600 cameras currently installed on the rail system led to the arrest of at least 14 offenders in eight months. The CTA's new rail cars come equipped with cameras.

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