Crooks Rip Off Little Leaguers

"I can't believe someone would stoop to that level," league pres. says

The Blue Island Little League has seen big problems, but whenever they do, the 190 teammates keep playing baseball. 

This time, they're doing it with a lot less.

It seems that sometime over the weekend someone broke into the team's concession stand at Rauch Field, near 125th and California, and stole nearly everything.

League president Jaime Jalomo said the loss totals roughly $3,000.

"Boxes of hot dogs, boxes of candy, Gatorade packs, pops, extra baseballs that we have, our P.A. system, our stereo, pizza ovens, our pizzas; pretty much everything they could get their hands on, they could, they took," Jalomo said.

About the only things not stolen were two microwave ovens used to warm food, the Southtown Star reported.

Jalomo said the thieves got in by forcing a metal, roll-down window of its track.  It has since been replaced and a new lock is on the back door.

The break-in occurred on a night when the burglar alarm oddly was not turned on, the newspaper reported.

"Normally, the alarm would have gone off. It's really loud, loud enough to scare off somebody," he said.

The not-for-profit group runs on a lot of volunteer power.  Local sponsors also pitch in, but Jalomo said this setback is debilitating.

"All this stuff was paid for with kids' registrations.  So, now we're kind of back behind.  We barely break even as it is," Jalomo said.  "I can't believe someone would even stoop to that level."

Some of the food is slowly being replaced, but it's taking a dent out of the fund that was set aside for new equipment.

The group is planning fundraisers and continuing to play games, but with much less to offer their fans.

"We're going to make the best of the season that we can, but there will be baseball," Jalomo said.

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