Couple Sues Joliet Casino Over Bed Bugs

Critters allegedly found in hotel room

A Blue Island couple claims they had some unexpected company in their Hollywood Casino Joliet hotel earlier this year.

Tamara Layman and Leo Gonzales have filed a lawsuit against the casino, saying they found bed bugs in their room during their stay last March.

Layman says she noticed one bug, killed it, and was offered another room when she complained to the front desk staff.

"We started packing our stuff and decided to pull the sheets down and there were some red critters running around our bed sheets," Layman said. "I was disgusted. I was sleeping in the bed with those things crawling around."

The couple said they left the hotel that night, and the next day tried to call the hotel but didn't receive instructions on what to do with their infected luggage.

Layman said she suffered bite marks from the bugs.

The couple is seeking reimbursement from the hotel for doctor's visits and personal items they had to throw away and replace.

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